🔵 Mono Blue Tempo | MTG Arena – Road to Mythic | Alchemy Deck Guide + Caverns of Ixalan Preview!


Mono Blue plays very differently from most other decks – denied their best spells, your opponents fall to your spell-loving creatures, or they just give up in despair! All that with only 16 rares and NO Mythic Rares – not exactly a budget deck, but definitely less resource-intensive than most ladder decks.

Deck list (and a bunch of other great decks) at Moxfield – https://www.moxfield.com/decks/HiLyrLhdi0ub_gDxlM95ng

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Deck Guide
07:44 – vs Selesnya (Green-white) Ramp
09:57 – vs Boars
17:47 – vs Mono Black
23:22 – vs Boros Fiery Inscription
30:51 – vs Dimir (Blue-Black) Control
32:46 – vs Esper (Blue-White-Black) Control
41:15 – Look ahead to Ixalan!
49:04 – Coming attractions

Adapted from Jean-Emannuel Depras(sp?) World Deck https://aetherhub.com/Deck/worlds-mono-blue
CGB’s BO1 standard adaptation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvEaZfKEisc

Now, this is from a year ago, maybe 2 rotations back? So almost none of the cards are legal in Alchemy, but they have analogues!

To power Spell Stutter, I dropped in a few of the best faeries; the sticky Sleep-Cursed Faerie, and the instant-speed Faerie Mastermind. For critter control, we have the cheap hard counter Glorious Gale, and everything else withers in the face of Negate. Anything that gets through either gets handled eventually by our efficient creatures, or bounced by Paths of Tuinvale (which does double duty, in protecting our creatures), or the adventure side of Horned Loch-Whale.

All the rest is card draw, in a bunch of flavors – finds what you need and fills your yard with instants and sorceries to make your baddies bigger & cheaper, all while spending all that mana you’ve reserved to make your opponent’s life miserable.

I usually think of blue decks as difficult to play, but this one is fairly easy, I think. First priority – hold mana open to play counterspells. Don’t drop the Djinn until it’s protected from removal. Always try to use all your mana. It’s important to hit land drops until AT LEAST turn 7.

Enjoy the rage quits, but budget time for the ropes at the end – you’ll get them regularly.

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