🟢⚪⚫ Double Combo | Alchemy Deck Guide | MTG Arena | Abzan (Green-White-Black)


Why settle for just one combo in your deck, when there’s space for 2? Join us for some great mythic-ranked gameplay! I do make some mistakes, however.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Deck Guide
03:46 – vs Mono Red
08:40 – vs Orzhov Toxic
15:10 – vs Azorius Control
21:57 – vs Legends
26:33 – vs 5-color Legends
31:19 – vs Abzan? Legends
34:55 – Potential deck edits and wrap up

As the name would suggest, there are two combos in this one – the Took/Confectioner Foods combo, and the Dollmaker/3 Blind Mice combo (really more of a synergy, but a really strong one).

We’ve got a bunch of removal in Go For the Throat, Porcine Portent/Lend a Ham, Lochthwain Scorn(Adventure of Virtue of Persistence), and Legions to Ashes, to give us time to get our combos rolling.

Tough Cookie is there to create foods, but is also useful to turn your foods into 4/4 creatures, which is great while you’re playing around removal.

Assemble the Team & The Huntsman’s Redemption are there to find our combo pieces, and Mondrak & Virtue of Loyalty have great synergies with tokens.

For lands, Restless Cottage & The Shire have great synergy with the foods combo, and we have some painlands and, of course, 4 captivating crossroads, which will be in virtually every multicolor deck until they rotate out. Mirrex also fits well with the deck.

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