MTG Arena Historic RANKED! Unboxing Packs for MYTHIC RARES! 💯


@officialraylong is playing MTG Arena Historic Ranked and Standard Ranked. We do some deck building, and there are some Mythic Rares. We’re getting ready for PHYREXIA ALL IS ONE. You’ll never guess which Mythic Rare we opened today!


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00:00 – Right into deck building FOR THE WIN???
10:02 – First match vs redribbonmafia
14:06 – Had to CONCEDE and go back to deck building!
17:22 – Second match vs Nickle172 (DEFEATED I lost!!!)
29:39 – A bunch of rewards?!?! 💰💰💰 New Deck – ANGELIC ACCOUNTANTS
31:22 – HISTORIC RANKED vs Bossos123 (I should have taken the Mulligan… DEFEATED)
34:39 – HISTORIC RANKED vs 5OUP with my fast red GOBLIN PARTY
36:24 – VICTORY vs 5OUP in Bronze
36:39 – HISTORIC RANKED vs Shark Shogun with another GOBLIN PARTY
40:36 – VICTORY vs Shark Shogun
41:11 – HISTORIC RANKED vs… sasquatch bussy (DEFEATED!!!)
48:23 – HISTORIC RANKED vs DolefulDiamond with 💀💀LILIANA, DEATH MAGE💀💀
1:00:15 – DEFEATED by DolefulDiamond… but LILIANA will WIN!!!
1:00:44 – Let’s get some MYTHIC RARE Packs!!!
1:01:19 – THE BROTHERS WAR MYTHIC RARE Pack Unboxing!!!
1:01:50 – Get ready for the first MYHTIC RARE revealed
1:02:11 – THE BROTHERS WAR MYTHIC RARE Pack Unboxing… Again!!!
1:02:50 – 💀🪦💀🪦 I can NOT BELIEVE the MYTHIC RARE in this UNBOXING!!! 🪦💀🪦💀
1:06:00 – HISTORIC RANKED vs Jut420 with BW Liliana (the HARDEST match yet!!!)
1:14:35 – A crushing DEFEAT… But we’re not ready to give up! 😏
1:14:59 – HISTORIC RANKED vs Badlander with BW Liliana… AGAIN!
1:20:21 – DEFEATED… but that’s just a learning opportunity to become elite
1:20:59 – HISTORIC RANKED vs blkstar with LIONS & GOBLINS RW Healing➕Aggro
1:38:29 – A crushing DEFEAT after a BRUTAL MATCH. Well done, blkstar!!!
1:39:48 – STANDARD PLAY vs aguiltyfish with ANGELIC ACCOUNTANTS
1:51:24 – VICTORY vs aguiltyfish
1:51:48 – THE BROTHERS WAR Pack Unboxing
1:52:15 – Pack Unboxing… MYTHIC RARE again but with a twist?!