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Bartolomé del Presidio can do crazy things in the right deck! We start off with small creatures that return resources when they die, like Greedy Freebooter and Market Gnome, mix that with efficient, early, permanent-based removal like Tithing Knife and Dusk Rose Reliquary which sets the stage for our vampire’s entrance. Protected by Flowering of the White Tree and Skrelv, Defector Mite, he quickly grows powerful with sacrifices, bringing our opponents to defeat.

Thanks to Ashlizzle for the framework of the deck; I adapted it from her list to Alchemy.

Deck list (and a bunch of other great decks) at Moxfield – https://www.moxfield.com/decks/ShbGv2bTwE2p3DjyVunROA

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Deck Guide
04:57 – Bart and Tithing Blades wreck Legends 5 color
10:18 – Sanguine Evangelist, Tithing blade, Sawblades, Warden
19:06 – Tithing blade and Reliquary get a quick scoop
21:57 – Warden taps to the win
26:46 – Skrelv’s Hive overwhelms Dimir
34:36 – Journal, Warden critical in hard match with control
48:52 – Deck edits and review

Bartolomé del Presidio leads this deck – the whole point is to set up some sacrifices, then bring him in and let him eat. Flowering of the White Tree is another key card, giving our side a power bonus and giving Bart ward 1. Skrelv, Defector Mite both protects him, and can slip him past defenders for the win.

We have plenty of early blockers and removal to keep things from getting out of hand – Market Gnome and Greedy Freebooter are great to prevent early damage and enable later plays. Tithing Blade works double-duty, both removing an enemy creature and then becoming sacrifice fodder for either bart or Dusk Rose Reliquary, which gives us targeted removal.

Warden of the Inner Sky is a diamond in disguise – this deck has so many artifacts lying around, we can often get at least one counter without tapping a creature. Absolutely crucial to the deck.

Tarrian’s Journal, Fanatical Offering, and Denethor, Ruling Steward are there to make use of our sacrifice fodder if we can’t use Bart. The first two may even find another copy of our best card.

Sanguine Evangelist, Lord Skitter, Sewer King, and Skrelv’s Hive are all there to crank out more sacrifice fodder while adding threats in the meantime.

Potential substitutions to make the deck more budget friendly: Flowering & Skrelv could be replaced with Family Reuning, Tarrian’s Journal with Fanatical Offering, Could remove some 3-drops for more copies of Denethor, could try resolute reinforcements instead of Skrelv’s Hive (this might even work better, especially with the sawblades – if a target doesn’t present for the sawblades, then flash in the reinforcements instead.)

Have fun, let me know in the comments how it went, what you think could be improved.

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