🌞💧 NEW SNAPCASTER MAGE IS INSANE!!! | AZORIUS CONTROL | Kamigawa Neon Dynasty | Alchemy MTG Arena


Azorius Control in MTG Arena Alchemy is EVEN BETTER with Saiba Syphoner!

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Deck List
3 The Wandering Emperor (NEO) 42
1 Island (UST) 213
3 Saw It Coming (KHM) 76
2 Behold the Multiverse (KHM) 46
2 Plains (UST) 212
4 Saiba Syphoner (Y22) 11
3 Jwari Disruption (ZNR) 64
1 Cave of the Frost Dragon (AFR) 253
2 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire (NEO) 268
4 Fateful Absence (MID) 18
2 Fading Hope (MID) 51
4 Divine Purge (Y22) 4
2 Emeria’s Call (ZNR) 12
2 Hall of Storm Giants (AFR) 257
1 Otawara, Soaring City (NEO) 271
4 March of Otherworldly Light (NEO) 28
4 A-Divide by Zero (STX) 41
3 Discover the Formula (Y22) 15
4 Deserted Beach (MID) 260
4 Hengegate Pathway (KHM) 260
4 Tranquil Cove (IKO) 257
1 Unexpected Conversion (Y22) 13

2 Teachings of the Archaics (STX) 57
2 Reduce to Memory (STX) 25
2 Environmental Sciences (STX) 1
1 Mascot Exhibition (STX) 5


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The style of this video is similar to Crokeyz, MTGMalone, and Jeff Hoogland in parts. A large influence for me to create this type of content in general has come from content creators like CGB CovertGoBlue and HelloGoodGame.

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