100% WINRATE Jodah Deck – Standard Brothers War – MTG Arena Deck


100% Winrate Deck
Jodah Deck
Standard Brothers War
Magic Arena
The Brothers’ War
MTG Alchemy
Brothers War MTG


4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
3 Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
1 Jerren, Corrupted Bishop
3 Dennick, Pious Apprentice
4 Katilda, Dawnhart Prime
3 Halana and Alena, Partners
1 Boseiju, Who Endures
1 Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire
1 Otawara, Soaring City
4 Secluded Courtyard
1 Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
1 Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
1 Toluz, Clever Conductor
3 Jetmir’s Garden
3 Raffine’s Tower
4 Spara’s Headquarters
2 Xander’s Lounge
2 Ziatora’s Proving Ground
2 Ertai Resurrected
4 Jodah, the Unifier
2 Shanna, Purifying Blade
4 Plaza of Heroes
1 Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist
1 Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea
4 Hajar, Loyal Bodyguard

2 Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer
1 Tamiyo’s Safekeeping
2 Lagrella, the Magpie
1 Ajani, Sleeper Agent
1 Loran of the Third Path
2 Negate
1 Eruth, Tormented Prophet
2 Tamiyo’s Safekeeping
2 Knockout Blow
1 Loran of the Third Path

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