A Blast from the Past! | Necro Combo | Bo3 Timeless | MTG Arena


Match Timestamps:
00:00 Round 1
14:04 Round 2
34:40 Round 3
58:52 Round 4
1:03:50 Round 5

Decklist: https://mtga.untapped.gg/decks/input/AAQAAQvfB8gg-zaajAGN6g6b0AiQ5Aj6uQPBtwXx1gFwAua8HvScCwAJygztEt0BkA3hkwG8BMMlhpkgmfIIAQmNBQIHpyi-igK0lRKziAXvlgSz3AfBjgcC_3rb3igAAc4DAAMEpyi-igLWtBuf8gsAAc4DAAAA

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Streamed on 2023-12-14

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