A Tale of Faeries & Follies | Wilds of Eldraine Alchemy Draft | MTG Arena | Twitch Replay


Match Timestamps:
00:00 Drafting
10:09 Round 1
17:59 Round 2
20:26 Round 3
21:23 Round 4
26:00 Round 5
38:34 Round 6
42:56 Round 7

Decklist: https://mtga.untapped.gg/decks/input/AAQAARLleNHOJN2JBy4eIgSxARkvEqMBoAGWmAEEEgdeAtDRLBQB8tEsAAIIjAUH1gQCD78we9CeLM0BET0SLRvNAxgZ45cBGTgBydAsAAAAAA

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Streamed on 2023-11-03

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