Best Decks for Explorer Metagame Challenge on MTG Arena | MTG


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Best Decks in MTG Arena Explorer Best of three. This weekend brings the explorer metagame challenge to MTG Arena. Battle it out to win free packs in this Explorer best of three event. Explorer is basically pioneer ‘lite’ featuring a bunch of powerful strategies like Amalia combo, rakdos vampires, azorius control, izzet phoenix along with some sneaky decks like quintorius combo and goblins. See the best decks metagame guide to play the tier 1 decks for the event.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:03:20 Abzan Amalia
0:06:19 Izzet Phoenix
0:08:16 Rakdos Vampires
0:09:20 Mono White Humans
0:10:22 Boros Convoke
0:11:36 Azorius Control
0:13:02 Rakdos Goblins
0:14:58 Mono Red Burn
0:15:51 Mono Black Midrange
0:17:11 Simic Merfolk
0:18:43 Quintorius Combo
0:20:08 Dimir Control