Best Decks in Historic Best of One (Bo1) Post Nerfs | MTG Arena


Weekly metagame breakdown guide for the best decks in MTG Arena Historic best of one (Bo1). There were recent nerfs to geological appraiser and fragment reality along with a karlov manor alchemy drop which has shaken up some of the decks. We cover off weekly (data permitting) each of the magic the gathering formats for ladder data up to mythic rank for both bo1 and bo3 standard, historic, explorer, timeless and sometimes alchemy.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:04:12 Dimir Ninjas
0:05:54 Azorius Control
0:07:33 Boros Convoke
0:09:00 Mono Green Devotion
0:10:49 Izzet Wizards (add in shove aside)
0:12:01 Mono Black Nazguls
0:13:49 Mono Red Artifacts
0:15:41 Esper Ensoul
0:16:31 Dimir Mill
0:17:47 Rakdos Vampires