DOMAIN ZOO + DEATH’S SHADOW! 🐒🐯🦒💀 Synergy, Yeah? | Timeless Arena MTG Gaming & Deck List


Domain Zoo decks are competing with Death’s Shadows decks for the top of the Timeless Ranked Arena MTG meta. I said, why not combine them both?

Deck list:
My pure Zoo Aggro deck list:

00:00 Intro and Deck Tech
04:36 Game 1: 5-color Control
12:14 Game 2: Izzet Snapcaster
21:36 Game 3: Rakdos Breach
27:18 Game 4: Grixis
32:33 Game 5: Rakdos Aggro
39:02 Wrap-Up with Win-Rate stats

I played Magic: The Gathering as a kid. Now I’m back in the game as a dad! My goal is to help new and experienced players alike to improve their skills. I keep a running commentary on card evaluations, deck building and gameplay strategy.

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