Explorer Rakdos Hollow One – Terrible When You Find A Hollow One On The Grinder


There’s a lot of decks out there that are about making your opponent discard, so let’s shake it up a bit and make ourselves discard for a change. Playing Rakdos Hollow One lets us run a whole load of Madness enablers and other spells that are about filling up our graveyard, playing cheap spells, and then escaping our Kroxas and Oxen of Agonas.

00:00 – Deck Tech
05:02 – Match One (Rakdos Midrange)
12:17 – Match Two (Azorius Lotus Control)
28:19 – Match Three (Mono Black Control)

Decklist: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/Pulr7LUrt0KidNTyhWas6Q

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