EXTREMELY POWERFUL Winota Brew | F Show & Tell | Timeless | MTG Arena


Match Timestamps:
00:00 Round 1
17:10 Round 2
24:15 Round 3

Decklist: https://mtga.untapped.gg/decks/input/AAQAAQeIBbLmAexNuNAft9IHuqcD2FkEhwWEdNxI1ykD1sYUss0Ft-AQCesYu6kBEoYZ1OoS63XZ5wPZpQnj4gEAAgvHD5OKAdXmDI6fCw2-dL5BjQH3BauEC8qTBQAAAacGAAMDiJQavkH5nhAAAAGnBgAA

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