Magic Arena Players Punished for Using Alchemy Cards #magicthegathering #magicarena #mtga #wotc


An account-breaking bug has been plaguing magic arena for the past day or two. The cause? Players using specialize cards as their brawl commander.

So the players who invested more into the client to play alchemy get punished. I’m sure Wizards has top people trying to fix the bug. Oh wait Hasbro just fired all of them.

I’m honestly disappointed that my objections to alchemy have been proven essentially correct. The ability to go “I was right” is very insignificant when there are affected content creators out there who cannot do their job and are losing days of work because the arena client is held together with chewing gum and twigs.

I personally am past the point of asking people to boycott alchemy, I don’t think that’s a productive way to frame a much broader issue. I’d maybe just ask that you consider stuff like this the next time you consider buying some alchemy, or putting money into arena at all. It is F2p after all. And that’s good because…

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