MidWeek Magic: Alchemy Dimir Toxic- MtG Arena Budget Value Worth Free F2P


Midweek Magic
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Today I am bringing you a VERY Budget deck for your Alchemy needs. Requires zero high rarity wildcards, and zero investment in Alchemy cards, yet over-performs in the format.
Dimir Toxic is a control-oriented deck in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Alchemy format that utilizes the Toxic mechanic to chip away at opponents’ life totals while maintaining board control. The deck typically features a suite of removal spells, countermagic, and discard effects, along with a few creatures that can provide both offensive and defensive pressure.

Core Cards

Ichor Abomination
Voidwing Hybrid

Anoint with Affliction
Bring the Ending
Drown in Ichor
Experimental Augury
Prologue to Phyresis
Reject Imperfection
Vraska’s Fall

The primary goal of Dimir Toxic is to control the board and slowly chip away at opponents’ life totals with the Toxic mechanic. The deck’s creatures, such as Ichor Abomination and Voidwing Hybrid, provide both offensive and defensive pressure, while removal spells like Bring the Ending and Drown in Ichor keep the board clear of threats. Countermagic, such as Experimental Augury and Reject Imperfection, protects the deck’s own plans and disrupts opponents’ strategies. Discard effects, such as Anoint with Affliction, can slow down opponents by disrupting their hand.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong control capabilities
Effective use of the Toxic mechanic
Ability to disrupt opponents’ strategies

Vulnerable to aggressive decks
Reliant on specific cards
Can be difficult to play effectively
Tips for Playing Dimir Toxic

Use removal spells efficiently to keep the board clear of threats.
Countermagic opponents’ key plays to disrupt their strategies.
Use discard effects to slow down opponents and gain card advantage.
Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to attack.
Practice regularly to improve your decision-making and timing.
Overall, Dimir Toxic is a powerful control deck that can be very effective in the Alchemy format. However, it requires careful play and an understanding of the format to be successful.