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Rotation is the process of removing certain sets of cards from a Magic: The Gathering format. This is done periodically in order to keep the format fresh and prevent any one deck or strategy from becoming too dominant. It prevents the format from becoming stale. If the same cards were legal in formats forever, the metagame would eventually become stagnant and predictable as it allows for new and innovative strategies to emerge. When new sets are released, they introduce new mechanics and cards that can be used to create new and exciting decks.
Standard does not rotate this year, as it has been lengthened to a 3yr cycle. Alchemy rotates for the first time on Sept 5th, 2023.

Overall, Alchemy is a new and experimental format that has both pros and cons. Frequent balance updates can help keep the format fresh and prevent any one deck from becoming too dominant, but can make it difficult for players to keep up with the meta. The addition of digital-only cards can create new and interesting deckbuilding possibilities, but can alienate some players who prefer the traditional Magic experience. Whether or not you enjoy it will depend on your personal preferences and playstyle.

I will be playing this event:
Tuesday 5pm EST on my Giveaway Account
Wednesday 11am EST on my Primary Account
Thursday at 11am EST om my Newest F2P Account

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