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This MidWeek Magic feels like the perfect time to talk about basic player types, since Magic (and Arena) has so much more to offer than just competitive play. Magic: The Gathering players can be roughly divided into two categories: psychographic profiles and aesthetic profiles.

Psychographic profiles are based on a player’s motivations and goals for playing the game. The three main psychographic profiles are:
Timmy: Timmy is all about big plays and excitement. They love to play powerful creatures and spells, and they don’t mind if their deck isn’t the most competitive. A Timmy might build a deck around their favorite creature, even if it’s not the most competitive.
Johnny: Johnny is a creative player who enjoys finding new and innovative ways to win. They love to build unique and interesting decks, even if they’re not always the most efficient. A Johnny might build a deck that uses a unique and unexpected combo to win.
Spike: Spike is a competitive player who is focused on winning. They carefully research and test their decks to make sure they have the best chance of victory.A Spike might build a deck that is based on the most powerful and efficient cards in the format.

Aesthetic profiles are based on what a player enjoys most about the game. The two main aesthetic profiles are:

Vorthos: Vorthos is a player who enjoys the world and lore of Magic. They love to read the stories, collect cards with their favorite characters, and build decks that are thematically cohesive. A Vorthos might build a deck based on their favorite characters or stories from the Magic universe.
Mel: Mel is a player who enjoys the mechanics and strategy of Magic. They love to learn new interactions and build decks that are efficient and powerful. A Mel might build a deck that uses a complex and intricate series of interactions to win.
It’s important to note that these are just general categories, and there is a lot of overlap between them. For example, a Timmy might also be a Vorthos, and a Spike might also be a Mel.

No matter what type of player you are, Magic has something to offer everyone. So find what you enjoy most about the game, and have fun!

Initial reviews of the Showcase: so many of these decks are just slightly glorified versions of the Starter decks! Only 2 of these decks appear in the 2 twenty of the meta.

Boros Equipment: Hasn’t solved the creature/equipment balance issue. Wants to be an Aggro deck, but it’s mana curve isn’t fast enough. It will likely suffer from the inclusion of Tempo Lands, especially with 6 2-3 Drops with boros mana costs.
Azorius Control: Solid control deck, which I expect will perform very well, since the Aggro option is so lacking. Reprieve and the One Ring, really add a lot to the deck and give the Alchemy cards an opportunity to shine.
Mono-White Soldier: (less than 1% of the meta, 2.5% if you hybridized several lists. ~55% WinRate) Practically a Day1 build, mostly soldiers splashing life gain. If this deck over-performs, it will be praying on other decks with bad mana-bases.
Golgari Midrange: Perhaps the best built deck in the mini-meta. 8 tempo lands is a lot, but the nature of midrange should keep that from being a consistent problem. The Alchemy cards just feel splashed in, and don’t solidly contribute.
5Color Legends: (0.8% of the meta, 51% WinRate) Looks like the most fun to play, and the Alchemy cards fit and contribute though some of the other legends feel a little off. Perhaps the best multi-color mana-base in the meta, but Argoth and Thornwood feel like odd choices while Great Hall should really shine!