MTG Arena Deck Doctor: Alchemy Arcane Bombardment


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This is the first installment in the deck doctor series where people can submit their decks for me to try out, see how they can be improved, and cover different directions the deck can be taken. Starting things off with this Arcane Bombardment deck submitted by rat korga.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Original Decklist Breakdown
7:32 Match 1 with Original Decklist
30:16 Deck Analysis & Different Builds
40:51 Grixis Build Explanation
51:43 Match 2 with Grixis Build
1:12:08 Match 3 with Grixis Build
1:31:02 Recap & Outro

Grixis Build:
Jund Build:
Original Jund Build by rat korga: