MTG Arena Historic & Alchemy – Testing the Usual Suspects: Mardu & Orzhov Alchemy, Phoenix Historic


In this video I went through a number of decks, just seeing how they do.
As a warm up, I played a few rounds of Historic Brawl, pushing an Omnath deck focused on playing lands from the graveyard.
It was interesting to see that the same commanders seem to be dominating the format as before.
Other formats have changed, but nothing really shook up Brawl.
I haven’t played much Alchemy, hence I tried to understand the format a bit better.
Since my dailies asked me to compete with Black and White, I looked up a Mardu-midrange list.
I then went on to modify this and make a more controlling Orzhov version, dropping the Fable of the Mirror Braker in the process, and gaining some late-game staying power.
After a couple of interesting games I went on to look into Historic.
Following the recent Neon Dynasty pro championship the meta has shifted slightly.
I tried out some new cards in my go-to Gruul aggro deck (with little success), and then moved on to the true-and-tried Phoenix.
Phoenix did alright, despite my many display and having to deal with some unexpected builds.
Overall, it was a long and fun run, experiencing many decks and encountering several interesting opponents.