MTG Arena Historic Ranked – Hidetsugu Deck


Today I’m working on my Hidetsugu deck. This aggro deck combines a nice mix of direct damage and removal to keep your opponent pinned down. Bonus points if you can get the opponent to 10 life and throw down Hidetsugu’s Second Rite.

4x – Play with Fire
4x – Sheoldred’s Edict
2x – Slaughter Specialist
4x – Lightning Strike
4x – Dreadhorde Butcher
4x – Fireblade Artist
3x – Debt to the Kami
2x – Night Clubber
2x – Bloody Betrayal
3x – Rebel Salvo
4x – Urabrask’s Forge
2x – Hidetsugu Consumes All
2x – Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos
3x – Hidetsugu’s Second Rite
1x – Gate of the Black Dragon
2x – Crystal Grotto
2x – Temple of Malice
8x – Mountains
8x – Swamps