MTG Arena No Banned List Historic: Nexus Reclamation Combo


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Importable decklist:

This is my second video covering decks for the No Banned List Historic event running on Arena right now which is all-access so doesn’t require any wildcards to play. I’ve got a lot more decks in the works to cover but give me a shout in the comments if there’s any particular banned cards you’d be interested in seeing me build around.
This time I’m covering Nexus Reclamation which is a combo control deck looking to use counterspells to interact in the early turns, and then use Wilderness Reclamation to produce a ton of mana, repeatedly dig for Nexus of Fate to try and set up infinite turns, then closing the game out with Mirrex, Kaheera, or Hall.

0:00 Intro
0:41 Deck Explanation
15:10 Match 1 vs UR Tempo
22:02 Match 2 vs RB Midrange
29:43 Match 3 vs UB Citadel Storm
33:19 Match 4 vs UG Engine Combo
38:56 Match 5 vs GB Channel Combo
43:57 Match 6 vs R Trickery Combo
47:10 Match 7 vs RG Channel Fireball