MTG Arena Wilds of Eldraine Alchemy Set Review & Rotation Discussion


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Alchemy rotation info:

Just going over my thoughts on the new Wilds of Eldraine set and the potential homes these cards might have in Alchemy, as well as a discussion on how rotation is likely to affect the format. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the set, any cards I might have missed, and any potential applications of these cards that I might have missed too.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Rotation Discussion
9:22 Set Review
9:25 Beseech the Mirror
12:04 Hopeless Nightmare
12:33 Back for Seconds
13:29 Experimental Confectioner
16:30 Troublemaker Ouphe
16:56 Mosswood Dreadknight
18:06 Lich-Knights’ Conquest
19:52 The Irencrag
21:09 Torch the Tower
21:41 Bramble Familiar
22:47 Werefox Bodyguard
24:06 Gadwick’s First Duel
25:04 Creature Land Cycle
25:50 The Goose Mother
26:51 Rowan, Scion of War
28:04 Questing Druid
29:29 Regal Bunnicorn & Pollen-Shield Hare
30:25 Agatha’s Soul Cauldron
31:26 Thunderous Debut
31:56 Witchstalker Frenzy
32:32 The End
33:03 Virtue of Persistence
33:55 Farsight Ritual
34:13 Horned Loch-Whale
34:38 Ice Out
35:10 Sleight of Hand
35:35 Spellbook Vendor
36:22 Faerie Support Cards
37:30 Outro