MY ULTIMATE GRIXIS! 🌊💀🔥 | Timeless | Arena MTG Gaming & Deck List


Ragavan. Brainstorm. Orcish Bowmasters. The new Timeless format is filled with powerful cards in the Grixis colors, Blue Black Red! Hop on the ranked ladder on MTG Arena to see if we can find the perfect balance of cards to win with Grixis.

Deck list:
Krim the Asian Avenger’s Grixis Control list:
Arne Huchenbeth Grixis Shadow list:

00:00 Intro and Deck Tech
06:03 Game 1: Mono Red Burn
13:03 Game 2: Sultai Midrange
18:11 Game 3: Izzet Phoenix
27:18 Game 4: Grixis Shadow
37:19 Game 5: Jeskai Control
49:47 Wrap-Up with Win-Rate stats

I played Magic: The Gathering as a kid. Now I’m back in the game as a dad! My goal is to help new and experienced players alike to improve their skills. I keep a running commentary on card evaluations, deck building and gameplay strategy.

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