Phyrexian Fightclub (Historic) | MTG Arena Deck Guide


Welcome to Magic: The Gathering Arena! Today we’re looking at a black-green Historic deck built around Phyrexian Obliterator and fight spells!

2nd Channel:

Deck List:

4 Phyrexian Obliterator (NPH) 68
4 Deadly Dispute (AFR) 94
4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253
4 Woodland Cemetery (DAR) 248
4 Woodland Chasm (KHM) 274
12 Snow-Covered Swamp (KHM) 280
4 Blizzard Brawl (KHM) 162
4 Dread Shade (DAR) 88
4 Skyshroud Ambush (J21) 29
4 Kitesail Freebooter (XLN) 110
4 Dire Fleet Poisoner (RIX) 68
4 Shambling Ghast (AFR) 119
4 Isareth the Awakener (M19) 104


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