Punish Greedy Decks | MTG Timeless Rakdos & Mono Red Burn | MTG Arena


MTG Timeless is the newest format coming to MTG Arena and it encompasses EVERY card on the client. This video is demoing both rakdos burn and mono red burn variants. The rakdos version has been performing well per untapped tracked stats but the lands just weren’t coming together for us. I still think 16 land is too few and was getting weird variance regardless through the video (21 cards 2 lands in one game). Personally still prefer the mono red blood moon deck but these lists are still showing results outside of my sample.

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List from Untapped https://aetherhub.com/Deck/rakdos-burn-996562
Tried a view different variations of rakdos and mono red but didn’t love any without more work on them. If you want to see those they are all available through my untapped profile link above this.