Quickbloom Legends – Naya Aggro | Alchemy | MTG Arena | Mythic Ranked Deck Guide


Welcome to the first in a series of Mythic-Ranked Deck guides for the October Season of Alchemy Best-of-One (BO1), post-Nerf.

What do we say to opponents? You Cannot Pass! We take a deck with Delighted Halfling, Flowering of the White Tree, and all sorts of hasty legends to overrun some top-ranked Alchemy players. Also, we lose to some awesome players, too.

This deck brought me into the numbered ranks for the first time!

Decklist on Moxfield: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/qVYl_EmgM0GfVWV6Z-vPUw

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Deck Tech
11:56 – vs Orzhov (Black-White) Control
15:51 – vs Orzhov Toxic
24:30 – vs Top 2000 Esper (Blue-White-Black) Control
32:54 – vs Top 2000 Rakdos (Black-Red)
37:45 – vs Dollmaker Combo
41:50 – vs Top 250 Simic (Green-Blue) Poison
48:04 – vs Esper (Blue-White-Black) Control
52:31 – Deck Edits
1:00:27 – Wrap-up

I’m having a blast with this deck; for the first time, I’m winning regularly against opponents in the numbered rankins – hoping this gets me a place in those numbered rankings before season end.

General idea is to ramp quickly into big legends with haste using Delighted Halfling, Ruby, and Flowering of the White Tree, then use Audacity & Monstrous Rage to give them trample & trigger celebration.

Samut is great for card draw, as well as a great defense against monored and toxic decks

Rocco is amazing, ramping & triggering celebration.

Goddric & Ash are great for their haste & celebration triggers.

In the trenches, Seal from existence, and Eowyn give you a bit of removal. You Cannot Pass! is so fun – nobody expects it, and you also get to do a Gandalf impression every time you use it.

Djeru and Hazoret is so fun to finish things off.

Kowazi – for beating my favorite deck so thoroughly that I decided to copy it
For the inspiration I get from their videos:
Hello Good Game