SUPER CRAZY BUFFING | Top Mythic | Wilds of Eldraine Alchemy Draft | MTG Arena


Match Timestamps:
00:00 Drafting
12:29 Round 1
19:38 Round 2
27:22 Round 3
31:57 Round 4
39:59 Round 5
56:03 Round 6
1:01:46 Round 7
1:04:38 Round 8

I stream limited magic almost daily on twitch. You can find my channel at

Art of Draft is Magic: The Gathering weekly podcast with a focus on Limited MTG. Improve your drafting, deckbuilding and gameplay with Luka (Justlolaman) and Kyle (TheHamTV) who sport some of the highest winrates and monthly finishes in the world.

If you are interested in getting better at magic and learning from someone who ends up top 10 mythic most months, I offer coaching on metafy.

Justlolaman’s community here (15k gem weekly tourneys) :
Or say hello on his twitter:

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