That’s a lot of Dinosaurs! MtG Arena Explorer Ranked Bo3


Feeling out a different change to help get quite a few dinosaurs in one go. Until The Lost Caverns of Ixalan gives us Earthshaker Dreadmaw, ill try this out for a bit! It’s usually 2 creatures but often enough it has been 3 or more for me, just refilling my hand in one go. Not needing anything out or having to follow up with more creatures. I just get stuff and that has often felt good!

If you have an idea you want me to try I can also probably accommodate that too!

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Music thanks to Monstercat so if you’d like to hear a certain type of electronic music I can definitely take requests!

0:00 Lead The Advantage! so great
16:07 Jund Land Destruction!
32:11 Rakdos Sacrifice
52:52 Mono Red, Best Match
1:06:27 Selesnya Angels
1:16:17 Temur Adventures
2:02:23 Reacting to Randy Tack Ouch Moment

4 Lead the Stampede (IKO) 163
1 The Great Henge (ELD) 161
4 Marauding Raptor (M20) 150
4 Otepec Huntmaster (XLN) 153
4 Topiary Stomper (SNC) 160
4 Wayward Swordtooth (RIX) 150
3 Carnage Tyrant (XLN) 179
4 Tyrranax Rex (ONE) 189
4 Ghalta, Primal Hunger (RIX) 130
4 Regisaur Alpha (XLN) 227
1 Xenagos, God of Revels (BNG) 156
1 Cinder Glade (BFZ) 235
1 Rockfall Vale (MID) 266
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259
2 Rootbound Crag (XLN) 256
4 Karplusan Forest (DMU) 250
5 Forest (JMP) 73
1 Mountain (ANA) 7
4 Castle Garenbrig (ELD) 240
1 Secluded Courtyard (NEO) 275

4 Tranquil Frillback (MAT) 24
3 Back to Nature (M15) 169
4 Shifting Ceratops (M20) 194
4 Bouncer’s Beatdown (SNC) 135

MtG Dino, Magic the Gathering Dinosaurs are my passion but I have so many exciting ideas that one day I hope to share with all of you. It has been a great experience so far and I don’t see that changing. This YouTube thing is where I want to spend my time and continues to be a dream come true.

That’s a lot of Dinosaurs! MtG Arena Explorer Ranked Bo3