Top 10 Explorer Decks To Know | MTG Arena Explorer


Tell me what you think of this style of video. What deck do you plan on making for explorer?

00:00 Intro
00:50 Naya Winota
4:33 Mono Red
8:07 Azorius Control
11:06 Rakdos Mid
12:32 Izzet Phoenix
15:28 Mardu Greasefang
18:56 Jund Sacrifice
20:11 5c Humans (Actually Abzan)
26:06 Jeskai Fires
28:37 Mono Black Aggro

• Thumbnail: Go Blank- Wylie Beckert


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• Other Art Credits: Square Up- Manuel Castañón
Stream of Thought- Seb McKinnon
Dockside Extortionist- Forrest Imel
Halvar, God of Battle- Milivoj Ćeran
Beguiler of Wills- Eric Deschamps
Oath of Liliana- Wesley Burt

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