Wilds of Eldraine Pauper Set Review – Top 10 Arena Commons


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1. Hopeful Vigil
2. Hopeless Nightmare
3. Candy Trail
4. Candy Grapple
5. Spell Stutter
6. Torch the Tower
7. Return Triumphant
8. Toadstool Admirer
9. Stockpiling Celebrant
10. Besotted Knight

Honorable mentions:
Redtooth Genealogist
Ferocious Werefox
Warehouse Tabby
Snaremaster Sprite
Troublemaker Ouphe
Barrow Naughty
Grand Ball Guest
Rowan’s Grim Search
Cooped Up
Quick Study
Skewer Slinger
Ratcatcher Trainee
Bespoke Battlegarb
Mocking Sprite