Winota is bringing gifts! 🎅🎄Merry Xmas, ya filthy animals! | Uphill Battles | Timeless | MTG Arena


Thanks to Timeless, Winota Joiner of Forces is back with all her old friends! Agent of Treachery and Kenrith, the Returned King to name just a few. For this Christmas gameplay video we are playing red, white and green! Let’s spin it to win it in the new MTG Arena gaming Timeless format.

Deck list:
Takobyte Death and Taxes version:–St79

00:00 Deck Tech
05:06 Gameplay
22:53 Outro with Win Rate Stats

I played Magic: The Gathering as a kid. Now I’m back in the game as a dad! My goal is to help new and experienced players alike to improve their skills. I keep a running commentary on card evaluations, deck building and gameplay strategy.

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