🤡MEME Deck wins MTG Arena Qualifier Play-In🤡 #mtg


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MTG Arena Qualifier Weekend Play In – Best MTG Explorer Best of One (Bo1) decks up to Mythic rank. I summarized early ranked ladder data up to mythic rank. Amalia combo, azorius control, mono red burn, rakdos vampires, and many more decks featured. Each week we cover the metagame breakdown of all the tier 1 list of decks each each MTG Arena format including explorer, historic and timeless – both best of one and best of three.

MTG Arena Explorer
MTG Pioneer
MTG Explorer Tier List

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Decklist https://mtga.untapped.gg/profile/390de354-4ae6-4ea5-9991-2f650825ba18/8D5B7E0B33092E80/deck/20156909-4751-42ae-9d17-67c0ad461ab0?gameType=event&eventType=other

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