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Episode 3 – Wildwood Mentor delivers some surprising knockout blows to our opponents, supported by a full cast of great cards that create tokens or put them to good use. Hoarding Broodlord and Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator jump in at the end to finish things off, as well as surprise appearance from Callous Sell-Sword.

Deck list (and a bunch of other great decks) at Moxfield – https://www.moxfield.com/decks/XsSpLHTb2ECrU8kubjHYlA

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Deck Guide
04:07 – An unexpectedly fun ending
05:19 – vs Dimir (Blue-Black) Toxic
12:45 – vs 3 Pigs
16:03 – vs Surprise Atraxa
26:13 – vs Abzan Legends
35:09 – vs Boros Equipment
38:51 – vs Nazgul
43:24 – Deck review and ideas
46:49 – Look ahead to Ixalan!

Decklist for playing the deck after the Ixalan release:


Wildwood Mentor is a rare card x4 award from the Wilds of Eldraine Mastery Pass. I love the idea of it – something that grows as you do fun things, then gives a bonus to another attacking creature. But I haven’t been able to get it working until now. I was convinced that it worked best with white, using Spellbook Vendor and Regal Bunnicorn, but experience proved otherwise.

So now I’m trying it in an aggro format, which is a little odd, because it’s a pretty slow card – but it works because it becomes a later win condition with the token-based aggro played on the first few turns. It goes particularly well with Urabrask’s Forge, which not only bumps the mentor, but also provides a creature -with trample- just in time to get the bonus from an attacking Mentor. Monstrous Rage also does triple-duty, buffing the Wildwood Mentor 2 ways, giving it trample, and making it’s bonus to another creature even better.

I thought Restless Cottage would be a natural for this deck, but it’s not – it just slows things down too much, and is too mana-intensive to pair up well with Mentor on the battlefield.

Hoarding Broodlord is an alternate win condition (and a lot of fun) – it’s meant to search for Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator which adds to our horde, draws cards, and has synergy with all the adventure cards; It’s not only her +1 ability that exiles cards; so do casting the adventure side of those cards. [[Callous Sell-Sword]] can be another target card; If the opponent has things blocked up, it can deliver 7 damage for just one red by flinging the Hoarding Broodlord. Plus, it just looks cool. Voldaren Thrillseeker could perform a similar function, but our 3-slot is pretty full already.

I found Haywire Mite necessary to take care of the threats of Fiery Inscription, Horn of Gondor, By Elspeth’s Command, and The One Ring.

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