🔵🟢⚫ Sultai Superfriends | MTG Arena – Road to Mythic | Alchemy Deck Guide + Ixalan Preview!


Episode 2 – We defeat the meta with a creature-light, lifegain and removal heavy planeswalkers deck. Then we look at how the upcoming The Lost Caverns of Ixalan set could make it even better with a handful of curated spoilers.

Deck list (and a bunch of other great decks) at Moxfield – https://www.moxfield.com/decks/vP7fV6v-YkmN-HhEsHFDEQ

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Deck Guide
11:37 – vs Izzet Wizards
22:22 – vs Boros Equipment
36:06 – vs Mono Red Aggro
41:16 – vs Golgari Toxic
45:59 – Deck updates based on gameplay
49:37 – Look ahead to Ixalan!

Decklist for playing the deck after the Ixalan release:


I recently opened my second Kaito, Dancing Shadow, and haven’t played it much, so I decided to throw together something for the ladder. With all the creature removal out there, planeswalkers are a little more sticky now. So I grouped a bunch of them in Sultai (green-blue-black) colors, and sprinkled in some removal and other great cards, and went to see if we could level up with it. It’s not quick wins, but I’m climbing and having fun. It’s by far the most resource-intensive deck I’ve played this season: over a quarter of the deck is mythics.

The lifegain stacks up well against mono-red; the removal goes well against the legends decks and Nazgul, and 3 pigs’ removal has difficulty with the planeswalkers. So far it’s performed well against azorius control and soldiers; enchantment removal is particularly important against decks running white.

The Deeproot Wayfinder pairs especially well with Wrenn and Realmbreaker, and also Terramorphic Expanse for ramp. Tainted Observer is there for additional proliferation, as well as being evasive and fairly cheap so you can use Kaito’s loyalty abilities twice per turn late game. Along those lines, Thrummingbird and Virtue of Knowledge could also be used in the deck.

Restless Cottage goes very nicely with Wrenn and Realmbreaker – now you can (and should) attack with on most turns. Might even be worth going to 3 copies, as it provides mana-smoothing and ramp, too.

Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator has synergy with all the adventure cards; It’s not only her +1 ability that exiles cards; so do casting the adventure side of Loch-Whale & Virtue cards.

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