MTG Arena Brothers’ War Historic/ Explorer Set Review



Just going over my thoughts on cards that I think could have an impact in Historic/ Explorer from the latest set – give me a shout in the comments if you think there are any cards I missed. I’ll link the MTGAZone set review articles here once they’re up too.

Edit: The card I couldn’t remember the name of when I was talking about Sword of the Meek is Sly Requisitioner that can make infinite 1/1s with Sword of the Meek and something like Ravenous Intruder (although I’m not sure how consistent that would be).

0:00 Intro
1:08 Diabolic Intent
4:11 Brotherhood’s End
6:25 Fade from History
8:26 Monastery Swiftspear
9:14 Phyrexian Dragon Engine
10:33 Sword of the Meek
12:24 Chromatic Star
14:50 Altar of Dementia
16:41 Defense Grid
17:36 Goblin Charbelcher
20:05 Howling Mine
21:23 Lodestone Golem
23:08 Phyrexian Revoker
24:17 Springleaf Drum
26:14 Thorn of Amethyst
27:48 Liquimetal Coating
29:07 Cityscape Leveler
30:01 The Stasis Coffin
31:53 The Stone Brain
33:13 Wurmcoil Engine
34:10 Sundering Titan
35:10 Pain Lands
35:53 Staff of Domination
38:11 Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea
41:21 Hajar, Royal Bodyguard
42:26 Swiftfoot Boots
43:56 Teething Wurmlet
45:21 Yotian Dissident
46:01 Third Path Iconclast
47:19 Haywire Mite
48:08 Recruitment Officer
49:00 Mesmeric Orb
50:54 Portal to Phyrexia
52:31 Rootwire Amalgam
54:22 Bitter Reunion
55:50 Transmogrant’s Crown
56:34 Calamity’s Wake
57:07 Dreams of Steel and Oil
57:53 Outro