MTG Arena Under The Meta: Historic UR Mindsplice Mastery


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This is the fourth installment in the Under The Meta series where I cover some of the decks that have potential but aren’t quite able to compete at the top tier and look at their weaknesses and how they can be improved. This time I’m going over UR Mindsplice Mastery in Historic which is a control deck built around the new card Mindsplice Apparatus which reduces the cost of all of our spells and can lead to crazy turns especially when paired with the Overload on Mizzix’s Mastery.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Maindeck Explanation
12:20 Sideboard Explanation
15:44 Weaknesses & Potential Improvements
19:43 Match 1 vs Mono G Devotion
55:54 Match 2 vs RB Midrange
1:21:20 Recap & Deck Analysis

Importable decklist: