Top 5 Best Explorer Decks MTG Arena Meta | Phyrexia: All Will Be One


This video has some of the Explorer best decks from the past week on MTG Arena, wait until you see the last deck!

Magic the Gathering has many different decks to choose from, so we cover 5 of the top performing decks based off of the following criteria:
All results are from the past week
All results are between platinum and mythic
All featured decks have at least 200 games played
All decks are in no specific order
All results are from Explorer best of three

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Decklists featured in this video:
1. Jund Transmogrify
2. Keruga Fires
3. Mono Green Devotion
4. RB Midrange
5. Brave Humans

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Jund Transmogrify
01:41 Keruga Fires
03:11 Mono Green Devotion
04:42 Rakdos Midrange
06:01 Brave Humans (Mono White)

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